Boxing betting tips: is there a trick to it?

In this sport there are usually favourites, and given that there is no draw strictly speaking, we can find odds that are close to 1.00 and that do not provide us with benefits, as well as odds that shoot up for the victory of the underdog that directly imply throwing money away, unless we have first-hand information and we see that there is value when placing a certain bet for which a priori a clear result against is foreseen.

That is why in most cases it is advisable to bet on the method of victory or the number of rounds a fight will last, although here we will have to take a look at the statistics and weigh well what kind of prediction to make. It’s not enough to just pick a good odds and that’s it. We will have to make a convincing analysis as to why we think a fight will be won in four rounds and not five.

On the other hand, the general recommendations for sports betting apply here as well. Betting on sports does not amount to pure chance, and therefore the success of a prediction is influenced by a combination of skill, judgement and luck (if you want to call it that).

It should be borne in mind that the odds offered by bookmakers have a reason for being, and are based on factors such as the progress a particular fighter has made, his recent results, his record against that particular opponent and a number of other extra-sporting factors that may play a role.

This is why you should always keep up to date with the latest sporting news, especially if you intend to bet on a particular sport on a regular basis and not just take a gamble.

It is advisable to bet with a clear head, if possible without being influenced by substances such as drugs or pharmaceuticals and without lack of sleep. Compulsive gambling is not a good idea either, and of course betting wildly to cover up previous negative results is the worst thing we can do.

It is often suggested to register with different bookmakers and compare the odds offered by each operator, in order to choose the bookmaker that offers the best payout for a particular outcome you wish to predict.

It is also recommended to set a maximum budget for betting on boxing, as with other sports, and stick to it. Betting on the basis of sympathy for a particular athlete or team is also not a good idea, unless many other factors are taken into account. Remember that we bet for fun and to win money, not as a manifestation of our colours or flags.

Related terms

General sports betting jargon applies to boxing as well. On the subject of boxing betting, the most commonly used terms have already been mentioned, KO for knock-out, TKO for technical knock-out, DQ for disqualification, and when betting on rounds the terms under and over are equally applicable here.

My opinion

Boxing can be a fast-paced, fast-paced and hard-hitting sport. Moreover, as it is a one-on-one fight, when you become familiar with the boxers, you can identify with the most charismatic one, which is always an attraction to follow the rest of the fights in which a certain figure is involved.

Unfortunately, it is a sport with little media coverage, little valued in some countries and in which, as is often the case in other sports, there is not much parity between the sexes. This means that boxing content and broadcasts are not as abundant as in other sports. There are also not many markets where we can bet, but we can certainly make stimulating predictions with very good odds.